Roam Surf Plus Terms and Conditions

Please read this page before redeeming Roam Surf Plus as your freebie.

Use of the service

  • Roam Surf Plus is free of charge only for those who are subscribed to the data roaming promo Roam Surf 599.
  • This freebie isn’t automatically provided. To enjoy the freebie, interested customers must wait for the text message confirming their active data roaming subscription and register by texting the keyword in the message to 2884.
  • Texting the syntax to 2884 is free of charge even when abroad.
  • Roam Surf Plus can be used only in the following countries:
CountryRoaming Partner
Hong KongCSL
IndiaBharti Airtel
KoreaSK Telecom
TaiwanTaiwan Mobile
  • Customers can redeem only once for every active Roam Surf 599 subscription.
  • Roam Surf Plus can be redeemed until August 31, 2019 only.
  • Once the freebie has been used or has expired, standard roaming call and text rates will apply.